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This whole web site has moved to

If you are just looking in general please go to the new site
This site now just holds some OLD templates.




Advertise your share for sale.

Note: You cannot place an advert by way of an e-mail.
You MUST use the form but it will only take five minutes!

All you need to do to place a featured advert for your share for sale is to complete the following form, just make sure you complete all the sections. After hitting the submit button at the bottom you will directed to a page requesting you to send pictures and finally a payment option page, where cheque, bank transfer or credit card options are available. 

Advertising is just £50.00 for one year

(Less than £1 per week!)

Now, see if there is a template for your boat.
See instructions immediately below.

Check here
(Link opens new window) to see if there is already a previous advert for your boat,
 if there is and you think it is OK then the answers to a lot of questions can be omitted.
(Check here if boat is based outside England)

There is almost certainly an existing page for your boat written already, so do check carefully

Look in the PINK column for the word "yes". If there is a page already you do
not need to answer the questions below marked with a pink X.

Before you compete the form I suggest you read this (new window)

The first section is about you, the vendor
































This form does NOT work



Read this stuff - it is important!!

When you hit the submit button and you will move to a page requesting some pictures. Please note pictures must either be copyright free or taken by you, copyright of all pictures taken is deemed to be passed over to with them, pictures may be used in various places on the site in order to promote a share.

You will also get details of how you should send payment for your advert,
your advert will not appear or be written until you have paid for it.

The 12 months start once you have approved it, not from "today".
Should you fail to get back and approve it once written it may be published anyway, at my discretion.

Details of your share will be sent around our mailing list once the advert is live. This will be done ONCE ONLY for the duration of the advert. If you would like it to be circulated again a charge of £10 will be levied for each subsequent mail out.

Please note your advert is for 12 months or until your share(s) has sold. If we learn that shares have sold and an advert is still "live" it will be taken down. If a share subsequently comes up on the same boat then a further fee will be payable to put the advert/new share back up.

You agree that you are advertising YOUR stake in the boat only and your advert is not shared with anyone else. You should note that you cannot change contact details, share holding or pre-booked weeks shown on your advert for its duration, where the only exception is to show the following year's week reservations if appropriate.

Once your advert has been written then no refunds are offered under any circumstances, (as actually writing it is most of the work!).

NOTE NOTE NOTE - now and again people hit the submit button below and then get sent in to a "virtual black hole". 99% of the time I get the complete form with all the info.

Now click submit below