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Why have you come to this web site today??

I know little or nothing about boat shared ownership in the UK (and France)
and want to read more about it.

I am a regular boat hirer and want to explore the option of buying a share.
I own a share I am thinking of selling





The boatshare web site is not affiliated to any shared ownership company, and is therefore totally impartial and independent. This web site allows a person with a share in a boat to advertise it and rank pari passu with any commercial operators when it comes to selling their share.   

An advert for your share costs £50 for 12 months or until share is sold*

EXAMPLE TESTIMONIAL...Hi Phil Just to let you know that today Tues.4th Sept.2012 we have received payment for our share in nb ZXXXXX and so yet again the Boatshare web site has been successful in selling a shared ownership share in a narrow boat.  We have had a total of three phone calls as a result of the advert...the first guy went to look at the boat decided not to buy because it was too short as he wanted to take family on board .....the second guy went and visited and has bought our share .........a third person has expressed great interest and may well be contacted by one of our other owners who might well sell him his share! What a result, many thanks again for a super service. See more testimonials.


Enter boatshare web site

Get a 12 volt regulator for your TV set on your boat
(or in your caravan/lorry)



All advertising on here has been paid for by clients. boatshare does not recommend or endorse any products or companies who advertise and any buyer should satisfy themselves of the facts before handing over any money.

In 2010 this web site sold 37 shares in boats to our knowledge
In 2011 this web site sold 39 shares in boats to our knowledge
In 2012 this web site sold 35 shares in boats to our knowledge
In 2013 this web site sold 33 shares in boats to our knowledge
In 2014 this web site sold 45 shares in boats to our knowledge
In 2015 this web site sold 44 shares in boats to our knowledge
In 2016 this web site sold 41 shares in boats to our knowledge
In 2017 this web site sold 49 shares in boats to our knowledge






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*Whichever comes first.