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This whole web site has moved to

If you are just looking in general please go to the new site
This site now just holds some OLD templates.





First things first - make quite sure there is not a page for your boat already written - go here to check if you have not done so already.
(Check here if boat is based outside England)

Most of the stuff you fill be asked to fill in is simple, names, e-mail dates price etc. but.....

there are three large sections you might like to prepare on your computer first and then just cut and paste in to the form as you go along, as if your Internet connection goes down or my web site's server you will be very angry if you have to do it all again

The three MAIN ones are

"A walk through the boat"

You are asked to give somebody a "virtual tour" in words, now if you boat already has a page you might be fine with the one there already, check here, but if not you should wax lyrical as much as possible...


The exact section you are asked to complete is worded

Use the box opposite to write a "walk through" of the boat. Do NOT state things like "new" as if what you type is re-used in three years time it will not be "new" anymore. So state things like....

Starting at the rear is the cruiser stern where each side of the back doors the gas bottles are stored, dropping down the steps you enter the rear bedroom where there is a fixed double bed with en-suite loo....etc. etc.

Do NOT state things like "we use the coal fire all the time as it keeps us snug and warm in winter", just stick to facts, you can add comments like that lower down.



The next section you might like to prepare off-line is your own comments section when there exact wording is

General Comments - this is where you can say how wonderful everything about your boat is in your opinion!!

Please now use the box to the right to give any general information about the boat and your share you are selling. Don't worry if, on reflection, you do not like it, it can always be changed. There is no limit on the amount of words you use (within logical reason) but only a plain font will be used. No HTML (or JAVA etc.) please. 



The next one that can sometimes be a bit long winded is the booking system, where the exact wording is

How are the bookings arranged? (e.g. fixed weeks, draw, round robin etc.) Be specific and give detail.
The way the weeks are booked is very important to most people.


Add comments like "friendly group always exchanging weeks, we usually manage.... etc." to the comments section


Please no NOT state here how your own personal bookings panned out, if you do they will NOT be included. State only the SYSTEM for booking. (Former OwnerShips customers might like to look at SOLONG (link opens new window) and copy and amend the comments there....)


If I were you I would open a new word document (or whatever) up on your PC and type what you need on there first then just cut and paste it in. Don't worry if it goes outside the box, unless you write War and Peace I should get it....but save it just in case I do not!

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