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The boatshare advantage.

Why should you advertise your share for sale on this site when there are other options???

boatshare provides buyers and sellers with a unique option for trading shares in all kinds of boats, where, it has to be said, most of the adverts placed to date have been in English narrow boats, although yachts and barges abroad can, of course, be advertised here!

Advantage: You can do the whole thing online in a matter of minutes, and pay using your credit card via PayPal. You do not have to leave the point you are sitting at right now!

Advantage: You advert is placed by a human being, if you make mistakes I correct them (provided I spot them!). If I think your advert could be better written, I re-write it (!), if I think you should provide more information I ask you for it! If I think your pictures are crap I tell you!!! You are dealing with a human being, not just a web site.

Advantage. Multiple domains. Your advert will go on not only boatshare, but, and, all at no extra cost, hitting more and more "Google searches". (Adverts on the latter two domains may take a few extra days to appear)

Advantage: So you decide for whatever reason to sell your share. You probably want to set the ball rolling quite quickly. The lead time for a magazine advert can be up to two months. Your advert on boatshare should appear in a matter of hours (unless I just happen to be on holiday).

Advantage: Once you have placed your advert and you have approved it I write to all those on my mailing list advising them of the new share available. Many of these have indicated to me that they are looking to (or at least considering) buying a share in a boat. Some web sites try to match those on their mailing lists to shares offered for sale....why? It is nonsense to even try, just tell everyone. Many people sell very quickly to people on this "waiting list".

Advantage: Low cost. An advert in a magazine (by example) costs, say, £1.35 per word, min 12 words, so £16.20 for a month, lead time say six weeks! Here you get more or less unlimited words, ten pictures and an instant page for £50 for 12 MONTHS, which is less than £1 per week!! (Prices correct as at Sept 2014).

Advantage: There are some web sites that let you place your own adverts with limited words and a picture for free - great. But you are mixed in with all the other adverts for all sorts of boats, from jet skis to ships! On boatshare I concentrate on SHARES IN BOATS (and the unconnected 12 volt TV section) AND you can advertise for free on here anyway....!

Biggest advantage: Just have a look how many shares get sold off this web site. See the testimonials page

Advantage: When it comes to getting results on Google this site is tops!! If you do not believe me try popping something like "narrow boat share" or "boat share" or the likes in the box below - this site should be number one for most things, or if not well up in the top 10. If you find a relevant one where is is not let me know and I will try to make it happen!


If you are a potential buyer get on our mailing list to be the first to find you about shares as they come up. List in house, general gossip also sent!

If you are thinking of selling your share then this is the place to do it. Start right now.




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