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There is a share for sale on

Zidon 2

Type of scheme Private
Number of sharers 8
Year of construction 1991
Home mooring (2017)
Streethay Marina Nr Lichfield
Length 55'
Engine Type Thorneycroft 1800cc Model T105 new 2010
Berths 2 + 2 + 2
Change over day each week Wednesday
Are pets allowed NOT Allowed
Is smoking allowed INSIDE the boat NOT Allowed
Booking System
Rotating grid system where each owner chooses three weeks "high" season and three weeks "low" season
 (see here for greater explanation)
Priority for school holidays
General comments about the boat

From the traditional styled stern the engine room is to the rear followed by a fixed double berth, wet-room style shower room with pump-out  toilet and hand basin, Pullman dinette (convertible to double berth), kitchen (with full sized cooker, sink and 12v fridge) and finally the saloon with settee/double bed & captain’s chair plus satellite TV system and radio/audio with speakers in saloon and dinette.  There are sliding doors to separate the fixed bedroom, dinette and saloon to make three private sleeping areas. To complement the overall homely feel she has diesel central heating ( Eberspacher) and, in the lounge, a log burning stove.

Zidon spends the main season “continuously cruising” and the boat is handed directly from one crew to the next, suitably cleaned and ready to cruise. There is a lot of mutual help and advice re changeover points, transport, parking, provisioning, places to eat, etc. The cruising area changes each season and is mutually agreed the previous AGM. This enables you to explore lots of varied and different waterways over successive years and avoids the “there & back” over the same stretch of waterway back to a fixed base.

The consortium is operated very professionally and democratically (the present Chairman is a solicitor) and copies of contractual documents or past financial records can be made available to potential purchasers.
Pictures of the boat

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Affable syndicate, spare weeks available, formal constitution, wide cruising area, well funded, constant review of boat equipment to keep up to date. There is usually a healthy balance in the sinking fund account (details on request).

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Booking system

Vendors comments (or back to top of page)

Well thought out system which rotates priorities for first and subsequent weeks so that if in a particular year you are low down the priority list for choice of first week then you will be high on the list for 2nd week. E.G. for 2012 we drew eighth (bottom) choice for first week but had 1st choice for 2nd week. Despite having last choice for Week1 we ended up with a week in early June, a fortnight in August and a week in early Oct (we could have chosen Sept) plus two winter weeks.
Some members are unable to use all of their high/mid season weeks. Such weeks are offered free of charge to other co-owners. The changeover day was moved from Saturday to Wednesday some years ago so that if there is an occasion when you are unable to utilise a full week it can be taken as a long weekend. This seems to work really well.

The system operates from a skilfully designed grid which allocates a priority from 1-8 to each co-owner for each of their 6 weeks. The owner with first priority for week 1 chooses their week followed by the 2nd priority owner and so on until all 8 have made a choice. Then the order priority order reverses for choice of 2nd week and changes again for third week and so on until all weeks are allocated. This ensures in any year that all owners have a fair chance of getting a good choice of 3 cruising weeks between April and September plus 3 in the low/winter season. In the following year each owner moves down the priorities grid so that if they were high priority for the first week last year they will be low priority the next year, and so on. The system includes a clever mechanism for ensuring each owner can choose two weeks together either in the first round of selections or the second. It sounds complicated but it works really well. Week swaps are then possible between any owners and weeks which a particular owner can't subsequently utilise are offered free to other owners through a fair system.

Co-owners who are in 1st to 4th position in the priority list for choices in the first round have the option to choose two weeks (which could be together or separate) whilst those ranked 5-8 only choose one week. Those who were in the bottom 4 in the priority list for the first round of choices will be in the top 4 for the second round and they then get to choose 2 weeks (together or separate) but the others will choose only one. Hence by the end of the second round everyone has chosen 3 weeks and this will cover most of the main cruising season from April to September.

The High/Low/Mid/Off weeks are all defined and High weeks are allocated first, then Mid, then Low then "Off Season". There are 12 weeks of High Season (June, July and part of Aug), 12 weeks of Mid Season (Apr, May, Late Aug and Early Sept), 12 weeks of Low Season (March, Late Sept & Oct) and 12 weeks "out of season" when the boat resides in a marina but is still allocated to individuals though many will not choose to use their booking and hence it could be used by others. You will see that by giving 2 weeks to choose for the first 4 in any round (season) and 1 each for the bottom 4 that makes up the 12 weeks for that particular season.

Its difficult to explain several aspects of this particular system but it seems to work really well for everyone and I can't recall anyone leaving an AGM frustrated by not getting a reasonable mix of weeks at times they really wanted (whether in or out of school holidays).

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