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Above - examples of our DC cord.

Note the big "black box" in the middle which does all the required "work"

The problem of voltage drop on narrow boats is common and well documented. This is not meant to be some page offering technical ins and outs - it's the problem, and the solution.

Basically most narrow boats have the batteries that provide the power at the back with the engine and the TV which generally draws the most continuous power at the front, or at least part way down.

Electricity is lazy, when being moved over great lengths the voltage is upped, hence why pylons carry 32,000 volts, the lower the voltage, the more lazy the electricity, so the thicker the cables you need.

Now lets come back to your narrow boat. You have 12 volts at the back, and cables running to sockets at the front maybe as far as 60 feet from the batteries. To run 12 volts this far you need thick cables, and to be fair most boat builders run thicker cables over the longer length runs, or specifically thicker cables for the TV set socket. But how often has the TV shut down when everything else still works??

This is because to protect them against damage caused by low voltages a lot of TV's have a circuit in them to shut them down at 11.9 or so volts.


As the voltage drops this "transformer" actually increases it back to 12 volts, now it cannot do that by magic, what it does it draws more current to compensate. It will carry on doing this right down to about 10 volts and then it just shuts down, protecting your TV set. All the time the TV set has had the right voltage delivered to it.

So to prevent your TV shutting down prematurely you need one of these black boxes, it is that simple!!!!

Input via cigar type plug 12 volts or 24 volts, output via standard TV type plug (styles pictured) 12 volts ONLY.

Actual input is between 30 and 10 volts, output 12 volts, 5.0 amp, 60 watts.

Leads are as follows

To the large "cigar" plug from the black box 15" excluding plug.

From the black box to the plug that goes in to the TV about 15".

All approx and could change a bit!!

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