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There is a share for sale on

Moonlight Shadow

Type of scheme Managed
Number of sharers 12
Year of construction 1992
Home mooring (2017) Brooms at Brundell, Near Norwich
Length/ Beam 38' X 12'
Engine Type MC42 hp diesel engine
Berths 6 berth
Change over day each week Saturday
Are pets allowed Allowed
Is smoking allowed INSIDE the boat Not Allowed
Booking System A draw takes place each year at the AGM. One week allotted per share per quarter. Swapping usually takes place afterwards and vacant weeks often become available via the Internet.
Priority for school holidays
There are no special arrangements for those requiring school holidays however the group are flexible and try to oblige if possible.
General comments about the boat
The purchase of the shareholding (usually an 8% share), entitles the owner to a minimum of four weeks each year on the boat, which will be drawn as one week in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, respectively. Many people swap their weeks and some take two weeks at a time, so the system of allotting weeks is flexible and works well, due to the co-operative nature of the syndicate. Everyone contributes equally to the annual running costs.

STEERING POSITION: Central steering position with excellent visibility and cushioned seat

ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: 12-volt lighting and 240-volt supplied by Heart Interface system

Also shoreline hook up possible (and then immersion heater for hot water)

WATER CAPACITY: 150 gallons (approx) WATER HEATING: Accumulator tank heated by engine

CABIN HEATING: Warm air central heating from Ebersbacher 5kW warm air heater

TOILETS (2) EN SUITE: Pump-out with fresh water flush

INTERNAL CABIN FINISH: A combination of natural wood-type laminates

ROOF: Padded fabrics with all trim sewn and bound DOORWAYS: Capped in hardwoods

FLOORING: Carpeted in blue throughout, with vinyl flooring in kitchen and bathroom

UPHOLSTERY: Fabric blue upholstery in lounge CURTAINS: Blue curtains at all windows


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Whilst an owner is on the boat, any minor damage (lost hooks, windows broken etc) is theirs to cover.  However, any major damage is sorted by the groupís insurance.  Similarly, at the end of each week,  the owner of the boat will pay for  refuelling and pumping out and cleaning the boat in order to hand over to the next owner.

I have a second 8% share, in this boat, which is also for sale.


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