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This whole web site has moved to

If you are just looking in general please go to the new site
This site now just holds some OLD templates.





If you have your own web site you can buy a TABBED advert (like the ones above) from boatshare by completing the form here.

If you do NOT have a web site use the form on this page (and to make a general enquiry), and, if applicable, please use this form to ask about sponsoring a specific page.

If you prefer you can just e-mail me.



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Please now type in the box opposite details of your general enquiry - please note the preferred method of communicating back to you is e-mail. You may type outside of the box parameters, the message will still get through.

Please also include details of the page you are interested in sponsoring (if applicable)

Please now hit submit below - we aim to answer all e-mails within 24 hours.



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