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What You Can and Cannot Say about your boat and share

The "rules" on what you can and cannot say about your share are quite firm.


We have had seven wonderful years with this boat and have enjoyed some wonderful holidays etc......

We like the side doors near the galley.....

The front deck has a cratch and cover with is an ideal place to keep our dog/children/beer

We like the fact that the boat has bow thrusters....(but see below)


"Do the maths, this works out at £XXX for a week....

"This is a much cheaper option than hiring....

"This is quite the best....

"Pull up a chair and read all about....

"This share compares favourably to.....

"This boat is SO easy to handle....


Please do not enter comments that are "emotional" or treat the person reading the advert as unable to do simple maths.

Please do NOT give your boat a "Five Star" rating......(or 10 or one for that matter)

Please do not make any references to boat hiring.

Just stick to the facts about your time with the syndicate.

If your boat is in a managed scheme you can make no comments as to the services they do or do not offer (or actually who they are).

Should you write something that is "not allowed" your comments will be edited and the decision of
boatshare (me) as to what can and cannot be placed on the advert are final.

These rules are there so that all adverts really just have equal rank and everyone has a fair crack at selling their share.




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